What can we do for you?

Dialog with existing and new customers is a high priority at Servage. We kindly ask existing customers to use through our ticket system in our control panel, that way we will be able to help you better and more efficiently.

Sales Inquiries

E-Mail: sales@servage.net
Notes: Do not hesitate to contact us with pre-sales questions.

Press Inquiries

E-Mail: press@servage.net
Notes: Members of the press are asked to use this address when contacting Servage. (if you already have a contact person please e-mail him/her).

Abuse Complaints

E-Mail: abuse@servage.net
Notes: Abuse contact. Please aways include header information in UCE/Spam complaints. We are usually not answering to mails sent to this address but reports will be processed in the order they are arrived.

General Questions

E-Mail: info@servage.net
Notes: Use this e-mail address for inquiries that does not fit in other categories.


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