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You ask yourself whether a VPS or shared hosting is the right choice for you? In this section, we want to describe what's the difference between shared hosting and VPS.

Shared hosting

Given all the valuable add-ons and administration tools provided by the Servage control panel, many people find our shared hosting to be the most economical means of hosting their websites. Shared hosting achieves this value by combining many users onto one high-powered cluster which has the positive effect that Servage can offer our shared hosting for an outstanding price. Since the server are shared by multiple users, shared hosting does not allow you to fine-tune the performance of any component of the web server.

Share hosting is recommend to user who want to run an economic webhosting with as little as possible administration skills.


On Virtual private servers (VPS), we combine a small number of user onto a single dedicated server. This allows you to have the functional control of a dedicated server at a fraction of the price. Our VPS give you full root access which allows you to adjust the web server components as you please. Furthermore, the chance is given to host applications which are too complex or require too much server tweaking for a shared hosting account.

VPS is recommended to user who want full access to the server, and who have sufficient technical skills to configure there own systems.

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