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Q: Is there a refund period for the VPS?
A: We provide a 45 days full refund period which starts with the VPS account set up.

Q: Do you allow reselling a VPS account?
A: Yes, this is allowed.

Q: My current Servage One account still runs for quite a while. Is the current time remaining on my current account applied to my VPS account?
A: There is no upgrade option, you will be purchasing an additional VPS account along with the Servage One account you have. You can run both a Servage One and a VPS account.

Q: If customer has already a regular Servage One account, and purchases a VPS, does the regular account stop existing or can he choose to run a regular account AND a VPS?
A: Customer can have both a regular account and a VPS

Q: Can customer without active Servage One account purchase a VPS?
A: Not at this point, but will be possible soon. For the time being, customer need to have an active Servage One account with us in order to buy a VPS.

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