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What is this?

This is the Servage Wiki. You can read further general information about the term "wiki" on Wikipedia. Our wiki includes various articles about web hosting, enabling our customers to search the database for solutions to the questions and issues they may experience with their hosting account.

Try to search for something or browse the categories and articles of our wiki.

How can I use the wiki?

Using content

Whenever you have a question or problem regarding your hosting account, it is likely that someone else already had the same questions or problem. We try to collect such information in this wiki, so you can find the solution here, without having to contact our support and wait for an answer.

Creating content

Whenever you find something is missing, see a mistake, or just in any other way feel that you have a good contribution for our wiki, it is possible for you to add it! On all pages there is an "edit"-button which allows you to modify the content of that particular page.

Info:Please note that all changes are monitored and can be blocked/reverted in case of abuse.
If you should experience a problem and find a solution for it that is not explained in the wiki, we strongly encourage you to submit your knowledge. Every employee and user that contributes to the Servage Wiki is making it easier and faster for someone else to get questions answered. That way, others' contributions are helping you as well!

How can I get help with my Servage account?

Web hosting is a huge market with millions of users worldwide. Therefore chances are very high that any question or problem you have, has already been experienced by someone else. We suggest that you carefully study the available articles in the wiki and consult some of the known web hosting forums or similar. If that should not provide you with a proper answer or solution, you are welcome to contact our support.


Servage staff and other users are reviewing, modifying and adding content to the Servage Wiki on a daily basis to keep it up-to-date with updates and new features. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that all content is always correct because anyone can submit content to the Servage Wiki. Servage believes that the open system is the best way to gain a good, growing knowledge base for customers to use at their convenience, however, from time to time users may find outdated or wrong information due to system updates or misunderstandings/abuse on the content contributers part. Servage is sorry for any inconvenience that may cause, but generally expects this to happen in very rare cases only, because Servage staff is monitoring the wiki content regularly.

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