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Category: Enterprise content management system

Project homepage: [1]

Current release: 6.0.0 (2012-11-27)

Version in Autoinstaller: 6.0.0

Release notes: [2]


TYPO3 is an open source enterprise grade content management system written in PHP. As all enterpris grade content management systems it is not recommended for beginners but very feature rich for media and larger scale webprojects. Its rich of extensions and easy to update.

How to update

Updating TYPO3 is pretty simple, just follow these steps if you have installed TYPO3 from our autoinstaller:

  • Download latest TYPO3 source package from [3]
  • Upload it to your TYPO3 root installation directory (you should see a directories named typo3_src, typo3, fileadmin, upload etc.)
  • Unpack the source package using our online filemanager in the control panel.
  • Rename typo3_src to for example typo3_src.old
  • Rename the unpacked new source directory to typo3_src ( usualy its named typo3_src-*version* )
  • Login to TYPO3's backend, enter the install tool and run the upgrade wizard.
  • When everything works remove the typo3_src directory.
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