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If you want to access the databases in your Servage account from your local computer, you are free to do this. Servage is recommending the tool "MySQL generator 1.2" for Windows user.

  1. Set up remotely accessible database through your control panel:
    • MySQL Databases
    • Create New Database
    • MySql Version (please choose "MySQL v5 (Remotely Accessible)"
  2. Go to and download "MySQL generator 1.2". When using the tool the first time you need to enter the log in details (Server Host, Username, Password). These information are to be found in your control panel:
    • MySQL Databases
    • Connection Info

For all operating systems: you can also use phpMyAdmin for accessing the database from your local machine. Please note that it is mandatory to run an Apache webserver for this purposes. All necessary information for this tool are listed here:

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