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Can I connect to your MySQL server from another host?

Yes, but it requires that you are using one of the remote accessible MySQL servers.

When setting up a new MySQL database select that you wish it remotely accessible via the “MySQL Version” drop down menu.

What are my MySQL connection details?

Full MySQL functionality is included in your package. To use MySQL with your Servage account you must first login to the control panel and create a new database (can be done via the Database link in the left menu).

Once the database has been created the needed connection details will be shown on your screen.

How can I remote MySQL database?

We allow from all newest clusters to select a remotable MySQL database. Please note, the server can be accessed from remote clients. We recommend the normal MySQL v5 instead as it is more reliable and provides better performance.

You can access your databases in your admin controlpanel "MySQL > Databases" select the Databasename to view your Database in phpMyAdmin.

What is the correct Host Name for the MySQL database configuration?

You are able to find the correct Host Name or MySQL Server name via the control panel. Please click on the "MySQL > Databases" tab and select the "Info" for the database you need this detail.

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