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Mysql Limits

Each database is limited to 50,000 queries per hour (in a rolling 1 hour window). This is a very large amount and has been implemented to stop "run away" scripts and should not impact normal users.

Why have I received a notification e-mail regarding high load?

We are sending an e-mail to you, if you have many hits in only 30 minutes on your web site(s) or you have a high load. This may be caused by hotlinking from your site. We therefor advice to have hotlinking prevention enabled for your account.

Please note that each time a web server sends a file to a browser, it is recorded in the server log file as a "hit". Hits are generated for every element of a requested page (including graphics, text and interactive terms). If a page containing two graphics is viewed by a user, three hits will be recorded - one for the page itself and one for each graphic. Only one page view will be recorded.

There is a limit daily hit limit of 500,000. This is a very high limit that only very few customers will ever reach and it is put in place to protect stability and performance of our systems (e.g. when a customer site is facing a DoS attack).

Email Limits

There's a limit for the amount of emails which can be sent via PHP Mail or other mailing function of other scripting languages. The limit is set to a 100 emails per 30 minutes base. For sending via SMTP there is a Limit to 300 mails per hour, the email can only have up to 20 recipients. We don't allow Bulk-mail sending over SMTP, for this, please use our newsletter system.

The maximum size of a physical e-mail account can be 5GB. Please make sure to keep your account below that limit. More information about the good use of the webmail service can be found here

Avoid some runaway scripts!

When you tell your website to do anything with the database, remember to then CLOSE the connection. You are on SHARED hosting, so if your database is holding open half the doors - other users will suffer.


Very easy to add at the end of pages with SQL commands!

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