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Please consider the following information as help/guide to ensure to make sure that your Webmail services will run fast and smooth:

a) reduce the disc space of the mail account. The outmost maximum we provide per mail account is 5GB. However, we recommend to keep the used disc space way below this limit to avoid the risk of exceeding the limit.

b) try to limit the mails you store per folder. It is advisable to set up several folder and sub-folder and to spread the mails across these folders to limit the number of mails per folder. We recommend not to store more then 500 mails per folder.

Please note that e-mail accounts which are larger then 5GB and/or which have a very large number of e-mails per e-mail folder can cause a high load on our mail server. To protect the other accounts on the same server from performance issues, we need to take accounts which are causing high load offline.

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