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How do I create a subdomain?

You are able to create a subdomain via the control panel. Please follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. Create a folder in your account (this can be done within our outside the folder /www) via the "Filemanager" in the control panel or via your ftp client, you can name the new folder /subdomain
  2. Afterwards please create a subdomain, you are able to create a subdomain under the "Webserver" tab in your control panel - please choose "Add virtual host" to create a new virtual host.
  3. On the following page you simply type in "subdomain" in the first box and in the second box you scroll down to "". The third box "Link to path*" please type in "/www/domain/subdomain" (this is the folder you have created via the "Filemanager" at your account or via your ftp client).

Please note it may take 2-3 hours before the changes are visible in the Internet.

It isn't clear yet on how to create a "forwarding" subdomain that points to a separate website, not currently hosted on the server.

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