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Create your own website in a few minutes.

As a service to our current and future customers we are offering a free website builder for download. If you want to create a website but do not own a good web design application then this is the perfect program for you!

Our Website Builder is far better than any other free website builder. It is 100% spyware free and costs absolutely nothing to download or use. It is offered as a free service to you. The program is currently only available
for Microsoft Windows based computers.
Important noticeWhen using Website Builder to publish your website it is important to use the folder www (instead of public_html) as upload folder.
You are free to use any website design builder of your choice. This tool is targeted towards users who do not already have a website design tool.

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Download our free offline website builderDownload our free offline website builder

Templates for Website Builder

Installation Guide: To install templates into the Website Builder please follow the following steps
Template sets 1 to 13 are completely unthemed D.I.Y. templates. They are perfect semi-blank canvases for you to add your own logos and pictures to. Most of them are designed to be aligned on the left side of the page.
Color Templates
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5
Set 6
Set 7
Set 8
Set 9
Set 10
Set 11
Set 12
Set 13
Theme Templates
Mixed Assortment
Abstract Designs
Sports themes
Law & Justice
Computer themes
Home & Garden
Medical & Wellness
Flowers and Fauna
Mixed Assortment
Business & Money
Mixed Assortment
Mixed Assortment
Mixed Assortment
Mixed Assortment
Mixed Assortment

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