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We believe that the Servage control panel is the fastest, most feature-rich control panel available today.

As a fully integrated part of our environment it is the perfect gateway to the many features included with our package. Developed entirely in-house we have been able to include many exciting features that you will not find anywhere else!

Optional Antispam System

Our team is fighting a hard battle to protect you against spam. Our free optional spam filters can be controlled directly and give you access to some advanced features. Should our filter catch an email that was not spam, you are able to look it up and have it delivered - mails are never lost (we know the importance of emails).


You want to have an advanced CMS, E-Commerce or Discussion Board software on your site but do not want to install it manually? No problem, just select the script from our list and our autoinstaller will install it for you in less than two minutes. You are of cause able to edit the source afterwards or install your own scripts manually if you prefer.

FTP Management

Manage your FTP accounts easily via the control panel. You are able to create as many FTP accounts as you like. FTP accounts can even be locked to certain folder or domain names so that access can be restricted.

Full Featured Filemanager

You have full control over all your files online via the filemanager. It allows you to change file permissions, upload files, make symlinks, delete, edit, move, rename, unzip, untar, create files and much more.

Online file storage with WebDrive

This feature enables you to mount your hosting account as a drive (e.g. S:) on your local PC. With Webdrive you can take full advantage of the high amount of disk space included in your account. You are no longer limited to hosting only your website and email but can also use your account as external storage!

Full DNS Control

You are able to control all your DNS settings such as SPF, MX, A, and CNAME records directly from your control panel (wildcards are supported). Even though you might not need DNS control today it is likely that it will come in handy at a later time.

Integrated Accounting

Accounting is an integrated part of the control panel. This enables you to pay your bills directly online through different payment options when the next bill is due. You have full control of your costs and are even able to print your invoices online!

Extensive Help Center

We want you to take full advantage of all the features included in our package. Therefore we have created a very extensive help center and integrated it with our control panel. The center is indexed and fully searchable. Our friendly support team is also standing by 24/7 to help you with any issues you might have.

Control Panel Screenshot

Screenshot of our E-Mail management panel.
Screenshot of our Antispam feature configuration page in the customers control panel
Screenshot of our autoinstaller index page with a huge list of scripts to install with just one click.
Screenshot of our FTP user management section.
Screenshot of our integrated online filemanager.
Screenshot of our accounting / invoice overview page.
Screenshot of our DNS management page.
Screenshot of our webdrive page.
Screenshot of our system status info page.
The above is just a small sample of functions in our great control panel. Our development team is continuously working to improve the control panel. In fact we are adding new features on a weekly basis.

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