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  • Full root access

    You have full root access to your virtual server so you can configure the server the way you like. You are also able to reboot remotely from our control panel.

  • 99,98 % guaranteed uptime

    Our datacenter provides maximum uptime so we can guarantee you 99.98% uptime with your virtual server. Additionally you can contact our 24/7 technical support if you have questions or problems.

  • Guaranteed Resources

    The disk space and RAM memory on your VPS is designated for your use only. Therefore you are guaranteed the resources that you purchase. The high quality hardware also enables performance unlike your ordinary shared hosting account.

  • Security

    You have the possibility to make your own security settings and to purchase SSL certificates as an additional product.

  • Cost efficient hosting

    With Servage you get a high quality server for a great price. You are also free to host as many websites as the capacity of the server allows. That way you get cost efficient hosting for all your websites.

  • Servage One VPS

    Our VPS system is built on the best hardware available and gives you total control for an affordable price. We offer VPS hosting that gives your website a boost.

  • Maximum power - maximum flexibility

    You can configure the server the way you like. With your own server you can install the software you want and choose the optimal settings for your needs.

  • State of the art hardware

    Our virtual servers provide the latest technology on the most powerful hardware available on the web hosting market.

  • Launch instantly

    After purchasing your VPS account, the virtual server will be available instantly and you can start working on your projects.

  • Host several websites

    You can host as many websites as you like when having your own server. Choose whether to put one or more webpages on your server.

  • Full flexibility

    Configure our virtual server the way you want. You can easily handle rapid growth, heavy website traffic, or running complex applications.

  • Stability

    Our quality hardware provides high uptime, great performance and stability for your virtual server.

  • Freedom of script

    You are free to use any server side scripts that you wish on your Linux VPS.


    How does VPS compare to my current Servage One account on the shared server, and what are the benefits?

    The benefits are many but some of the most popular are: Shell access, possibility to install your own application/software and possibility to host as many sites as you want.

    Can I upgrade my regular Servage One account to VPS, and what changes will be done on my regular account?

    The VPS is not an actual upgrade of the regular Servage One account, it is a service you can purchase in addition. The purchase of a VPS will have no impact your regular Servage One account.

    Will Servage move all of my sites to my VPS account without interruption/downtime?

    The files/databases needs to be moved manually by the account owner. In case of moving extremely large files, some downtime could arise.

    My current Servage One account still runs for quite a while. Is the current time remaining on my current account applied to my VPS account?

    VPS is not an upgrade of the shared webhosting. You will be purchasing an additional VPS account along with the Servage One account you have. You can run both a Servage One and a VPS account simultanously.

    Will the files and databases be transferred automatically?

    The files and databases need to be transferred manually by you.

    If I already have a regular Servage One account, and purchases a VPS, does the regular account stop existing or can I choose to run a regular account AND a VPS?

    You can have both a regular account and a VPS account.

    If customer run both account types, will there be a separate control panel?

    No, everything will be integrated in the regular control panel. There will be a drop down menu on the homepage of the control panel where the customer can choose the account.

    Is there any signup fee involved when ordering the VPS account?

    A small signup fee is charged upon registration.

    Does this VPS include remote control via shell? Is there any limit for domain, mysql etc.?

    Yes, SSH Access is of course included and there are no limits regarding to the number of domains, databases and so on.

    Does VPS have any limit on the number of GET/POST requests that are allowed per hour?

    No, but as usual Servage preserve the rights to suspend a VPS if it has any negative affects on the overall system performance.

    Will the VPS be delivered empty or will there be any software included in basic setup?

    No, we do have a VPS agent installed that allows our control panel to work in order to have domains, databases and other services added.

    I am not a customer with Servage One, can I still purchase a VPS account?

    Yes, our VPS accounts are now available for everyone.

    Is it possible to see a demo online of the VPS Control Panel?

    No, but the VPS control panel looks the same as the Servage One control panel. You can get further information here

    Which applications/softwares can I install on the server?

    You are free to install any application/software as long as the server meet its requirements.

    Do you provide a full VPS backup with restore option in the backend?

    We are not doing any backups, you are responsible for backing up your server.

    When I order the VPS will the domain names remain active at our hosted package?

    Yes, nothing changes in the Servage One account as it is no upgrade.

    Is a free domain included on the VPS?

    No, VPS doesn't have an included free domain.

    Will the DNS server for domains and email servers be named after my account instead of Servage? For example, will the mail server incoming.servage.net be incoming.domainname.com instead?

    The nameservers will remain the same as on an Servage One account. Mailserver will be created like mail.domain.tld as the mail services are defined on the VPS. If you want to customize the DNS you will have to install and maintain that by yourself.

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