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WordPress Jetpack meets and greets Social Media

Friday, April 12th, 2013 by Servage

Simply put, the Jetpack plugin propels a WordPress blog with a whole suite of functionality. Automattic, developers of, made Jetpack for self hosted blogs to access features included in the dot-com version. What started as eight features in 2012, is now 25 and growing. This article focusses on five of the social media modules and two Widgets, found in version 2.2.

Jetpack does offer ability to deactivate any module. Plus, you can access configuration within the panes of each module, though this article notes where to find these features.

Here are 7  features for enhancing social media outreach on your site:

  • Sharing (in Sharing Settings) is for your readers to push content to popular social networks. This includes: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Digg, Google Plus, and four others. On the back-end, Admin just drags and drops which buttons will appear on the blog, and how buttons appear (i.e. icon only). A ‘Live Preview’ is available before saving changes. You can adjust areas of blog the buttons appear, and more.
  • Publicize (Sharing Settings) is for bloggers to promote content to popular sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Yahoo. Once configured, the Publish pane in the Post Editor displays the sites connected to Publicize. You can only Publicize brand new posts. The Jetpack site shows how to do connections and how content appears on the social site.
  • Twitter Widget adds a tweet feed to your sidebar. Very simple configuration, you just need Twitter name, not URL. You can add a Follow button for the Twitter account, adjust amount of tweets, customize text before time stamp and a few other options.
  • Shortlinks is for grabbing shortened URLs within your blog and sharing those via social media (i.e. Twitter). When editing posts, the “Get Shortlink” button is accessible at the top. All dot-org blogs using Jetpack now have these short-links, permanently built-in.
  • Jetpack Comments (Discussion Settings) is where visitors use their social network ID (, Facebook, or Twitter) to comment. If the visitor doesn’t have a social account, they post as Guest, via email information. On the front-end, this feature is nifty. On the back-end, configuration is almost too easy. While not the best Comments plugin around, it is an enhancement over the default comment form.
  • Likes (Sharing Settings) is just 2 check boxes: on for all posts; or turned on by author of each post. This is for users to share the love by clicking a Like button below your content. When they do, their Gravatars appear. The more the merrier.
  • Facebook Like Box Widget takes any Facebook Page’s URL and puts it in a nice sidebar container. This enables Likes for that Facebook page from within your blog. Admin can adjust title, color scheme (light/dark), and size of container to show Faces, Stream, or Wall.

These features are but a quarter of Jetpack offerings, allowing bloggers to connect their content to the world’s most popular social media sites, while actively involving your visitors in the process.

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